by Alice Shiflet | 1:40 pm

Types Of Electric Razors And How To Choose One Of Them


Everything nowadays comes in a variety of styles, colors and flavors. Even instruments, which have made our life easier, have different types. Electric razors are also not exceptions. Electric shavers are more convenient to use compared to the conventional ones, as they do not touch the skin, which makes the process much safer. While going through one of the reputed sites to know more about electric shavers, I came to know about many important things. I would like to share what I found here.

According to informative sites like, electric shavers come with either foil or rotary cutting blades. Often women use shavers too. They go for the foil ones. They differ in design and also the manner in which they cut the facial hair. Foil shavers have either one or two heads, which are meant for gliding over the contours of the face. They have cutters that oscillate behind a screen which is perforated. The electric razor foils are made of titanium, platinum or steel. They are made as thin as possible so that they can get closer to the skin and render a smooth shave.

The rotary razor, on the other hand, has three or four heads which also glide over the facial contours. The cutters spin behind the fine grid. As the shaving head goes past the area which has to be shaved, the skin is rolled slightly to lift and detach the hair from below the surface.
When it comes to choosing the right kind of razor, the skin type has to be known. For a tough and a rugged face, rotary shavers are the best. For a sensitive and delicate skin, foil ones suit the purpose. The foil ones are also good for having a close shaving experience as they come nearer to the skin.

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